A successful resistance relies upon well-equipped troops.  If you’re here and reading this, it means you’re at least “resistance-curious”, so I’d like to offer some places you can go to become well-equipped.

First and foremost, communication with your local and state elected officials is the most direct form of democracy we have.  Regardless of where you live, Common Cause has a great, user-friendly site that will point you to contact info for your local and state elected officials.  You can argue whether it’s effective to contact our politicians at these levels, but it’s democracy at its root.  It’s our right and, increasingly, it will be our obligation.

While you’re working to hold our officials accountable, it’s important to stay informed.  There are some great liberal-leaning media avenues that focus on issues we’re concerned about (or should be), and who work to keep us aware of what’s going on not just in the opposition party, but in our own as well.  Below is an admittedly less-than-comprehensive list of cable, internet, and news resources that either lean left or are at least majority neutral in their coverage of news in general and politics specifically:

All in With Chris Hayes – 5pm PT M-F.
The Rachel Maddow Show (must see TV) – 6pm PT M-F.

Anderson Cooper 360 – 5pm PT M-F.

Talking Points Memo – the go-to place for liberals.  Become a Prime member for fewer trolls, more long form content.
Media Matters for America – unofficial watchdog of conservative media.  Best viewed in small doses.
Daily Kos – There’s a fair bit of handwringing and fainting couch stuff here, but also some quality reporting.

Online News (some are also available in print with subscription):
Mother Jones
The New Yorker Magazine
The New York Times
The Nation
The Atlantic

Planned Parenthood
Center for American Progress
A pretty complete list of advocacy groups can be found at

Last, but not least:  the title of this post is Resist.  You’ll be seeing this word used more frequently as we move into actual, production-level Trumpism.  One of the first media figures to use that word was our old friend Keith Olbermann.  Yes, Keith is a blowhard.  Yes, he’s so hard to work with that he’s been fired from ESPN, MSNBC, and Current TV (Al Gore’s TV enterprise – now defunct).  But one thing about Keith is that he’s a passionate progressive.  And he might have found his sweet spot.  GQ has given him a podcast that started out as “The Closer“, and after the election became “The Resistance”.  Despite his checkered past, he’s come up with some of his best work for this web series.  Start from the beginning, pre-election, and binge watch every. damn. episode.

We need to be prepared to resist.  The links above are just suggestions to get you started if you’re a neophyte.  Activism, with your voice, your time, or your wallet, will help.  Holding your elected officials accountable will help.  Everything you can do to resist will help.

As Keith would say: Resist.  Peace.

Edit:  Previous version indicated that Keith was fired from Al Jazeera America.  Keith never worked for AJAM.  Although I have no doubt that he would have been fired if he had.

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